Sustainability is an integral part of our business and we are always on hand to help our customers make more environmentally-friendly choices when transforming their gardens


We make a difference in three ways: by tree planting, reducing our carbon emissions and offering complimentary hedgehog holes in your garden fence.

Photo credit: HUTAN

tree planting

We plant a tree for every job sold. To do this, we support the World Land Trust’s Plant a Tree programme which funds their local conservation partners to reforest areas that have been lost in the past and reconnect fragmented habitat for wildlife. This includes the sapling, land preparation and planting, as well as 3-4 years of maintenance and monitoring to ensure the tree can survive on its own.

258 Trees

How we reduce our carbon emissions

  • We reduce our waste by giving suitable wood to allotments and other organisations/ individuals that can make use of it. If you have a need for wood, please get in touch.

  • Our office staff work from home which reduces commuting emissions.

  • Energy for our home office is provided by the Octopus super green tariff which is 100% renewable energy for electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas.

  • We advise our customers on which products are better for the environment.

  • We sometimes offer quotes via video-call for small jobs to reduce our mileage.

  • We are a local business, hiring locally and taking on local jobs which reduces the number of miles we travel each year.


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