Our fencing expertise ranges from home gardens to commercial developments


Arrange a no-obligation quote so our experts can help you decide on the best look for your garden. We install all types of garden fencing so if your favourite isn’t listed then feel free to ask us. We are happy to advise you on products which are better for the environment and also provide complimentary hedgehog holes on request.



A true favourite amongst our clients allowing sunlight to shine through the horizontal slats for a strikingly modern look.


A stylish boundary from both sides with a dual-faced panel decorated with a lattice on top for a visually stunning addition to your garden.

Feather board

A very strong option built to last offering exceptional privacy without compromising on style.

Post & rail

A robust and effective agricultural boundary ideal for large fields and gardens. Traditional and modern looks available.


A versatile panel creating a homely feel to your garden, identical on both sides making it the ideal choice between you and your neighbour.

welded mesh security

Provides high security fencing without interfering with CCTV footage suitable for schools, sports grounds, commercial and other high security sites.

horizontal hit & miss

The attractive hit & miss pattern is created from alternately fixing the boards on the front & back looking great from both sides. A perfect choice for windy areas as the panel design protects against wear & tear.

Dog proof

Have peace of mind knowing your best friend is safe in your garden with fencing that will keep even the most notorious jumpers and diggers at bay.


A sturdy and reliable choice providing a cost-effective solution to ensuring privacy as well as style in your garden.


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